Higher Education and Emerging Fields in Psychology

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One of the more  tradition disciplines, psychology seems to strike a chord with anyone who is intrigued by the way our mind works. Today, with a conflict-ridden society in a transient and vulnerable state, a stressful lifestyle and high pressure jobs, it is only likely that the stage is set for those who want to carve a niche in higher education in psychology or online psychology degree.

Of the many branches of psychology, it is clinical psychology that has been at the forefront in recent times. Clinical psychology involves the analysis of a person’s Behavioural aspect as well the mapping of his thought processes. It deals, primarily, with treating people with disorders that result from anxiety, depression, or stress factors. A clinical psychologist is required to work out a treatment plan, which includes counselling and therapy.

Today, clinical psychology happens to be the first  choice of specialization among psychology majors across the globe. Clinical psychologists work in the area of mental health and other clinical psychology professionals. Further, to meet the wide disparity between need and supply, of late new higher educational centres are showing interest in starting training programmes in the field of clinical psychology.


Whenever a society goes through transition, it is over-ridden with stress, insecurity, trauma and conflict. Psychological interventions are, therefore, required at every level to detect, prevent and solve Behavioural and human problems. Clinical psychology is emerging as a discipline because there is increasing awareness among people that problems emanating from a changing social ethos, broken families, peer pressure and stressful jobs can actually be dealt with.
Apart from clinical psychology, another area of specialization that holds a lot of promise is rehabilitation psychology. This particular segment deals with disabilities, in people. The word disabilities denotes any restrictive ability in terms of physical, sensory cognitive, or emotional functional functioning.

Rehabilitation psychologists work in tandem with a team. Apart from evaluating and counselling, they work out a range of strategies to promote the patient’s well-being innovate way for caregivers to tackle stress, besides educating the people around so that they are equipped to handle people with limitations. It is an area that is developing and has a lot of potential.
Emerging Fields of Psychology

A few niche areas like neuro-psychology, administrative psychology as some of the other emerging fields of study today. While neuro-psychology deals with the structural and functional aspects of the brain in relation to specific ‘psychological processes and overt behaviors,’ administrative psychology (with the help of the psychology sciences) attempts to comprehend, predict and manage organizational Endeavour. Cognitive psychology, on the other hand, studies the mental processes underlying our Behavioural pattern. Examples of research in the area of cognitive psychology include understanding various cognitive processes such as memory attention, problem-solving decision-making, forming and interpreting intentions.

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Higher Education and Emerging Fields in Psychology

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