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Education term papers are some among the many papers that students in the education field undertake. The term papers are based on a certain topic, idea in a topic, or concept that can be expounded. Education term papers are provided with a time limit of an academic semester or academic session. Lecturers use these papers to examine the extent to which the students have understood the concepts of the given course or subject. As a rule, term papers have more marks assigned than ordinary assessment papers since they are detailed summary of the course content within a given time span. With no specific style in writing education papers, the content and presentation of the different education fields differ a great deal. However, certain parts are common to most papers and include the title or cover page, abstract, introduction and problem statement, limitations, methodology, literature review, the main body and conclusion, references and appendices.

In writing education papers, the title page if in APA style is a must and it contains the title of the paper, author identification, phone number, E-mail and current date. Next in consideration is the abstract. Like in most education papers, the abstract provides a general overview of what the paper is about in utmost one page. It describes the main theme of the paper, the research question under investigation, how relevant the question is the methodology and finally the major outcomes and findings. The introduction and the problem statement in education papers then follow suit. The introduction outlines the main research problem and the hypothesis. It also tries to answer the questions what is being studied and why it is important. It also tries to explain the gap or link that the research will fill at the end of the day. There must also be a study justification which must always appear last in the introduction and it should never be too lengthy for education papers.

Education papers also require the explanations of any upcoming limitations of the study. Though the research topic will fill a gap, there are still other minor issues that it can’t touch on and these will be included in the limitations section of education papers. Example limitations include time, gender, age, and nationality and so on. Like most research papers, methodology in education papers is important in order to discuss the approaches used in coming up with the research data and information. These could be through conducting interviews, use of questionnaires, and use of observation and so on. A summary of all other related works conducted earlier on the same topic is provided in the literature review for education papers. The education papers must contain discussion or review of what is well-known concerning the subject and how it was attained.

Education papers contain a main body which contains the argument discussed in the paper. It is the longest part and contains majority of the citations and analysis. The section in education papers should focus on a coherent improvement of the thesis with clear way of thinking and concrete argumentation all round. Lastly, education papers must contain a conclusion section. This part is a summary of all the findings that support the argument. It must be logical when read autonomously from the main paper. The works cited and the appendices must be included.

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Education Term Papers

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