A Complete Biography Of 5 Paragraph Essay From Outline To Conclusion

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The easiest form of essay writing is known as 5 paragraph essay but sometimes it becomes a dreadful nightmare since compressing a large amount of information in five small paragraphs is difficult. Therefore, one has to be very clever while writing a five paragraph.

As the name indicates, there are five small but complete paragraphs in such an essay. In this article, we are going to tell you how to write a 5 paragraph persuasive essay in as easy as five simple steps.

There Are Five Parts Of 5 Paragraph Essay Outline, Which Are:

1. Introduction

2. Body paragraph number one

3. Body paragraph number two

4. Body paragraph number three

5. Conclusion

1- Introduction:

A thesis statement is the soul of introduction. Make sure you are beginning your 5 paragraph narrative essay introduction with a powerful statement. You can even start with an attention grabbing quote or short anecdote. When you are done with this, make sure to include a concrete background of the topic. The last thing to be included in your introduction is the thesis statement.

2- Body Paragraph No. 1:

The beginning should start with a transitional sentence that will lead to the sentence that will be supporting the first evidence of your thesis statement. The evidence in 5 paragraph essays must be supporting the whole thing, make sure there is nothing contradictory in this paragraph and is in quotation marks.

3- Body Paragraph No.2:

Follow the same procedure here. Provide two or more sentences to support the second evidence. Make it concrete, logical and sensible.

4- Body Paragraph No.3:

You will repeat the process for the third time as well. At least three evidences must be there to support the whole argument of your five paragraph essay.

5- Conclusion:

Wrap up the whole work 5 paragraph essay conclusion in two more than sentences since conclusions are said to be strong but short. Finally convince a reader that you were in every statement of yours.

Therefore, in just five simple paragraphs you will come up with a perfect looking essay and thus, get good marks and applaud from your professor in your 5 paragraph essay writing.

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A Complete Biography Of 5 Paragraph Essay From Outline To Conclusion

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A Complete Biography Of 5 Paragraph Essay From Outline To Conclusion

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